Employer Frequently Asked Questions

What does CALS stand for?
The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

What types of students are in CALS?
Our academic programs cover a wide range of fields, from Agriculture to Zoology. 

What is the difference between CALS Career Services and the University Career Center?
CALS Career Services provides job postings, events, and interviews that cater to the unique needs of students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. However, CALS is only one of 10 schools in the University. The University Career Center serves students in the colleges of Management, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Engineering, Education, Design, Natural Resources, and Humanities and Social Sciences. Other career offices exist for the College of Textiles and the College of Veterinary Medicine.

How do I post a job?
Our office hosts an online employment bulletin board called ePACK. Employers can post jobs to all students, no matter their majors, for free. To post your opportunities, you can:

  1. Create an ePACK account (or log-in to your existing account) and post the job. The benefits of ePack include being able to manage your posting, receive applications through ePACK, set up on-campus interviews, search for students, and use other services offered through ePACK; or
  2. Email your job description to our office and we will post it to ePACK for you.

How can I schedule an on-campus interview?
Are you interested in interviewing students at the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences? We offer full-service recruiting options for your organization, including advertising, screening, scheduling, and the administrative details of your interviews. To get started, call our office and speak to a member of our staff: 919.515.3249.

What are the average starting salaries for today’s graduates?
Each year, our office surveys recent alumni to obtain information about their career after graduation. We encourage you to call 919.515.3249 and speak with Sara Lane, Coordinator of Career Services, about current hiring trends and how to recruit talent to your organization.

How can I generate interest for my organization among students?
Brand recognition is an important part of attracting recent graduates to your organization. There are several ways you can build brand recognition on campus, for example, on-campus interviewing, club presentations, sponsorships, and attending the Career Expo. We recommend contacting our office and speaking with a staff member about the various opportunities available that will best serve your organization.