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Brogdon Leading Strategic Engagement for Two Large Initiatives at NC State

Celeste headshot

Celeste Brogdon will oversee relationship management with key stakeholder groups for NC State as the Director of Strategic Engagement for N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative (N.C. PSI) and the NC Food Lab (NCFIL). Stakeholders were a key driver in the concept and creation of both initiatives. This new role strategically connects stakeholders to each of the initiatives to better understand the needs and expectations of all parties.

Brogdon has worked with NC State’s Food Manufacturing Initiative and N.C. PSI for several years. Her primary duties include creating, building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders and shared corporate partners for both initiatives. In addition, Celeste assists with strategy and connection with NC State’s main campus in Raleigh.

“Initiatives like N.C. PSI and NCFIL rely heavily on stakeholder relationships to help us define and achieve success,” said Celeste Brogdon. “These relationships shape the way we operate, the research that we do, and the communities that we serve. I am happy to be working with executive leadership to strategically engage with our many different stakeholder groups.”

Brogdon has worked with both initiatives since their inception.  She served as the CALS Dean’s staff liaison to the NC Food Manufacturing Task Force where the idea for NCFIL originated.  Around the same time, she also coordinated the listening tours conducted by college administration for the proposed NC State Plant Sciences Initiative. In 2017, she was tapped to serve as project manager for the NC Plant Sciences Initiative and the NC Food Manufacturing Initiative. 

For more than 10 years, Celeste has supported executive leaders in strategy development and stakeholder engagement at NC State. With the new NC State Plant Sciences Building open and the growth happening at NCFIL, Celeste provides the expertise needed to navigate important stakeholder relationships for both initiatives.