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Animal Food and Nutrition Consortium

Are you ready to build strong partnerships for a healthier future? Join the AFNC for access to the latest in animal food and nutrition — sooner!

Mission Statement

To promote innovation and advance the nutrition, metabolism and gastrointestinal health of production and companion animals.

Strong Partnerships — Strong Futures

The Animal Food and Nutrition Consortium is a public/private partnership covering animal welfare, behavior and disease that researches enhancements to the nutritional value of feed and production while improving consumer outreach.

We’re a foundational constituent of the NC State Animal Academy and the CALS Food Animal Initiative. We invite you to join us as a founding member of NC State’s Animal Food and Nutrition Consortium.

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World-changing research is built on innovative partnerships. Think and do with us.

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Get top research in food and companion animals — first.

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Make precompetitive exchanges with peer industry leaders.

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Enjoy first access to the latest concepts and intellectual properties.

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See substantive results that translate into greater profits and market share.

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