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Animal Food and Nutrition Consortium

Are you ready to build strong partnerships for a healthier future? Join the AFNC for access to the latest in animal food and nutrition — sooner!

Mission Statement

To promote innovation and advance the nutrition, metabolism and gastrointestinal health of production and companion animals.

Strong Partnerships — Strong Futures

The Animal Food and Nutrition Consortium is a public/private partnership covering animal welfare, behavior and disease that researches enhancements to the nutritional value of feed and production while improving consumer outreach.

We’re a foundational constituent of the NC State Animal Academy and the CALS Food Animal Initiative. We invite you to join us as a founding member of NC State’s Animal Food and Nutrition Consortium.

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Access the Latest Animal Food Intel

Top research in food and companion animals

A strategic approach to quality growth

NC State wants to offer you a front row seat to the future of animal food and nutrition. We will align our research strength with your business goals. Put you in the room with the scientific and corporate leaders who are steering the industry’s direction. And give you first access to the latest breakthroughs.

Pre-competitive exchanges with peer industry leaders

A safe place for new ideas

Our consortium has strict guidelines that encourage collaboration. So you can meet with your competitors in a safe environment. Share common problems and realize unique solutions. Build your own growth strategies with the benefit of a complete insight into the greater issue. Pre-competitive research topics driven by industry needs

First access to the latest concepts and intellectual properties

An investment that pays back

The Animal Food and Nutrition Consortium isn’t just another research “ask.” It’s a unique opportunity to put your company at the forefront of innovation. The kind of innovation that pays back in more profitable products and greater market share. With a stronger, better-developed workforce. A true pipeline to success

Substantive results that translate into greater profits and market share

NC State is THE partner of choice

At NC State, we know that world-changing research is built on innovative partnerships. We’ve shown time and again that those partnerships create jobs and improve lives by driving cutting-edge solutions to expanded markets.

We think and do. And we invite you to do the same by joining us as a founding member of NC State’s Animal Food and Nutrition Consortium.

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The Partner of Choice

World-changing research is built on innovative partnerships. Why Partner with NC State?

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Poultry and Swine Strength

NC State is the only US university with strengths in poultry, swine and companion animals.

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Exchange of Ideas

We remove barriers to multi-institutional alliances.

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Substantive Results

Public/private partnerships will give us access to grant opportunities otherwise out of reach.

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Top Graduates

A pipeline of future talent eager to participate in research and other opportunities.

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Research Triangle Location

The Research Triangle boasts three R-1 universities and many corporations and start-ups.

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First Access

Access to emerging technology as it is developed from the university.

NC State is a world-class university. Let’s work toward a world-class partnership.

Work With Us

Other AFNC Opportunities

Many opportunities exist that will lead to a bold new partnership between our institutions.

Many opportunities exist that will lead to a bold new partnership between our institutions, depending on the priorities funded by the AFNC Industry Advisory Board. These aren’t mutually exclusive. Taking advantage of any or all of these opportunities leverages our joint strengths.

  • AFNC Feed Manufacturing Technology Workshops
  • AFNC Graduate Fellows
  • AFNC Undergraduate Scholars
  • AFNC Summer Institute
  • AFNC Graduate Research Competition
  • AFNC Graduate Research Symposium

You can shape the future of animal nutrition and food sciences

Partnership in the AFNC is an investment that will impact generations to come by creating

  • students who will be leaders in animal and nutritional sciences and
  • researchers who will solve global animal and nutrition challenges.

Together we define the future of animal and nutritional sciences.

Contact us to discuss your participation.

Peter FerketPeter Ferket
Director, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Poultry Science, Nutrition and Biotechnology


Adam Redhead portraitAdam Redhead
Research Project Coordinator