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Chongxiao (Sean) Chen

Research Assistant Professor



Area(s) of Expertise

My previous research subjects focused on the role of vitamin D3 and its metabolites (25- hydroxyvitamin D3 and 1,25-dihydroxyvitmain D3) on chicken osteoblast differentiation, embryo development, layer bone 3-dimentional structure development and laying performance. The results highlight the importance of young animal nutrition and the unique bone development pattern of egg-laying hens.

I have also been working on evaluations of various feed additives and ingredients in broiler, laying hens and quail to examine their effects on performance, gut health, immune response, bone quality, ammonia emission, meat yield, etc.


DVM, China Agricultural University (2014)
Ph.D., Poultry Science, University of Georgia (2018)
Postdoc, University of Georgia (2020)