Meet and Greet at 2018 IPPE

Four people around a table

In January, while exhibiting at the 2018 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), the Prestage Department of Poultry Science (PDPS) hatched something new — a meet and greet event for prospective graduate students.

As one of only six poultry science departments in the country, PDPS offers unique opportunities for graduate study in poultry-related areas like broiler breeders, layers, eggs, feed milling, immunology and physiology. To give PDPS faculty and graduate students the opportunity to meet with prospective students, Dr. Jesse Grimes, Director of Graduate and Certificate Programs, hosted a Meet and Greet at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta. The Meet and Greet was generously sponsored by Buffalo-Warren, who provided support for event refreshments.

The Meet and Greet was a great IPPE kick-off: the event was held Monday, January 29 from 5-8pm. The PDPS faculty, including department head Dr. Patricia Curtis, and current graduate students were well-represented. They discussed current and proposed research and classes with potential graduate students and industry representatives. After presenting posters and talks at the International Poultry Scientific Forum, PDPS faculty and graduate students relaxed and highlighted the benefits of studying poultry science in the Research Triangle area of NC — the #1 state in the US for poultry and egg cash receipts.

As the evening wound down and the next IPPE event beckoned, the buzz in the room and the continuing conversations reflected the success of this new PDPS venture. Dr. Grimes, the PDPS faculty and the current PDPS graduate students look forward to repeating (and exceeding!) their success at the 2019 IPPE.