white turkey hen standing on grass

Beckstead Lab

Saving Thanksgiving, one turkey at a time.

Lab Focus

The Beckstead lab focuses on poultry parasites and the role that genetics, gut health, immunity, nutrition and stress have on the bird host.
The parasites of interest are Histomonas meleagridis (blackhead disease), Cochlosoma anatis, Tetratrichomonas gallinarum, and Eimeria species (coccidiosis).  Research projects include both in vitro and animal models.

Recent Publications


Current Lab Members

Dr. Beckstead
Robert Beckstead, Primary Investigator
Christina Sigmon
Christina Sigmon, Research Technician
Portrait of Elle Chadwick
Elle Chadwick, graduate student
Portrait of Katherine Cupo
Katherine Cupo, graduate student
portrait of Olivia Wedegaertner
Olivia Wedegaertner, graduate student

Did You Know?

Turkeys are the number three agricultural commodity in North Carolina. (NCDA&CS)