Plant Biology Journal Club


The PB&J Club is an effort to bring together plant scientists from different departments at NCSU. We meet once a month to discuss a high impact paper. Papers will be presented by either postdocs, advanced graduate students and sometimes faculty. The scientific papers that are presented are within the disciplines of the labs involved: genetics, cell biology, development, systems biology, molecular biology, etc., and they don’t need to be restricted to plants. Presentations of ones own research is also possible. The journal club will provide a good opportunity to initiate discussions with colleagues outside your immediate Department.


We meet at noon the last Friday of each month. This is an informal meeting. Please bring your lunch (PB & J is allowed but not required).  You can check the schedule of speakers and meeting location, as well as download the paper to be discussed here . If you would like to be added to the schedule, please contact Dr. Marcela Rojas-Pierce. We will send reminders via the PBJ club listserv in advance of the meetings. To subscribe to the list, please send an email to with the word “subscribe PBJclub” in the body of the message (you don’t need to include a subject). You can also email Dr. Rojas-Pierce to be added to the list .

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