Departmental Teaching Awards

NC State University Provost Departmental Award for Teaching and Learning Excellence

Departmental Award 2000

University of North Carolina Board of Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

Robert Beckmann
Gerald Van Dyke
NC State Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor

Robert Beckmann, Gerald Van Dyke, James Mickle, Thomas Wentworth
NC State Academy of Outstanding Teachers

Robert Beckmann, Thomas Wentworth, Gerald Van Dyke, James Mickle, Jon Stucky. Chad Jordan
CALS Outstanding Faculty Adviser Award

Gerald Van Dyke, Robert Beckmann, James Mickle, Thomas Wentworth

CALS Outstanding Graduate Instructor Award

Thomas Wentworth
CALS Outstanding Undergraduate Instructor Award

Chad Jordan
NACTA (North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture) Teaching Fellow

Gerald Van Dyke, Robert Beckmann

Department Award Winning Teachers