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Dr. Marc johnson
Dr. Marc Johnson
Assistant Professor
Evolutionary Ecology

4206 Gardner Hall
Box 7612 NCSU
Raleigh, NC 27695-7612

(Fax) 919-515-3436


Research Statement:
My lab bridges the diverse questions and techniques from ecology, genetics and evolution to understand the dynamic interplay between the ecology and evolution of species interactions.  Specifically, we are trying to answer two related questions: 1) how does genetic variation and evolution within populations shape community patterns and processes?  And, 2) how do ecological interactions among species drive evolution within populations over micro- and macroevolutionary timescales?  Our approach to answering these questions integrates a combination of natural history, lab and field experiments, chemical ecology, quantitative genetics, molecular ecology and evolution, comparative biology and statistics. 

If you are interested in learning more about our research please see our web page ( and always feel free to email or drop in.


Selected Publications:

Johnson, M.T.J., Dinnage, R., Zhou, A.Y., and Hunter, M.D. 2008 "Environmental variation is more important than plant genotype in affecting competition among species." Journal of Ecology 96: 947-955

Hughes, A.R., Inouye, B.D., Johnson, M.T.J., Underwood, N., and Vellend, M. 2008 "Ecological consequences of genetic diversity." Ecology Letters 11: 609-623

Johnson, M.T.J. 2008 "Bottom-up effects of plant genotype on aphids, ants and predators". Ecology 89:145-154

Johnson, M.T.J., & Stinchcombe, J.R. 2007 "An emerging synthesis between community ecology and evolutionary biology." Trends in Ecology and Evolution 22:250-257

Johnson, M.T.J. 2007 "Genotype-by-environment interactions lead to variable selection on life-history strategy in Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis)" Journal of Evolutionary Biology 20: 190-200

Johnson, M.T.J., & Agrawal, A.A. 2007" Covariation and composition of arthropod species across plant genotypes of Evening Primrose." Oikos 116:941-956

Johnson, M.T.J., Lajeunesse M.J., & Agrawal, A.A. 2006 "Additive and interactive effects of plant genotypic diversity on arthropod communities and plant fitness." Ecology Letters 9: 24-34

McGuire, R.J., Johnson, M.T.J. 2006" Plant genotype and induced responses affect resistance to herbivores on Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis)." Ecological Entomology 31: 20-31.

Johnson, M.T.J., & Agrawal, A.A. 2005 "Plant genotype and the environment interact to shape a diverse arthropod community on Evening Primrose." Ecology 86: 874-885. 
Johnson, M.T.J., Husband, B.C., & Burton, T.L. 2003 "Habitat differentiation between diploid and tetraploid Galax urceolata". International Journal of Plant Sciences 164: 703-710. 

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