Sept 2010 - Erika and Nash's first paper from the lab - "Community genetics: what have we accomplished and where are we going" - is now in press at Phil Trans B. Contact me for a copy.

Sept 2010 - Diego Carmona's first PhD paper - "What plant traits predict resistance against herbivores" - is now in press at Funct Ecol. Contact me for a copy.

Aug 2010 - Check out the University's chronicling of Nash's path in science (link).

Aug 2010 - undergraduate researcher Susan Jaconis has left for graduate school in Cincinnati. Good luck!!!

July 2010 - Rose's field season kicks into high gear. Check it out

June 2010 - Erika spoke at the Evolution meetings about her evolutionary genetics work in the lab.

July 2010 - Marc received the ASN Young Investigator Prize in Portland





Our lab bridges the diverse questions and techniques from community ecology, genetics and evolution. Our interests are broad, but all aspects of research in the lab seek to understand the dynamic interplay between the ecology and evolution of species interactions, particularly as it relates to plant-animal interactions. (read more)


The EvoEco lab will be moving to the University of Toronto at Mississauga in 2011. If you are interested in joining us as an undergraduate, graduate student, lab technician, post-doc or visiting scientist please send Marc an email.

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