Heike Winter Sederoff

Department of Plant Biology
Citizenship: Germany
Permanent Resident (Green Card)
4213 Gardner Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695-7612
Phone (919) 513 0076
Fax (919) 515 3436


1993 Doctor of Sciences, Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Univ.of Göttingen, Germany
Prof. H.W. Heldt, Prof. D. Robinson, advisors
“Accumulation and translocation of assimilates: subcellular volumes
and metaBOlite concentrations in leaves of barley and spinach”

1990 Diploma (MS), Institute of Plant Biochemistry, University of Göttingen, Germany

1986 Bachelor of Sciences in Biology, University of Göttingen, Germany


Assistant Professor, 04/2005 – present, Dept. Plant Biology, NC State University, USA
Research Assistant Professor, 12/2003 – 04/05, Dept. Plant Biology, NC State University, USA
Research Director, Sept. 2002 – 2003: Plant Gravitational Genomics, Dept of Plant Biology, NC State University, USA
Assistant Professor, Dec. 1998 – Sept. 2002, Dept. Biology, Univ. of Osnabrück, Germany
Research Associate, June 1996-Nov. 1998, NASA Specialized Center for Research and Training (NSCORT), Department of Plant Biology, NC State University, USA, Supervisor: Prof. Steven C. Huber,
Humboldt-Fellow, 1995-1996, Department of Plant Biology, University of Western Australia, Australia, Host: Prof. Craig Atkins
Humboldt-Fellow, 1994-1995, School of Biological Sciences, Flinders University of South Australia, Adelaide, Host: Dr. Kathryn Schuller
Research Associate, 1993, Institute of Plant Physiology, Göttingen, Germany
Research Assistant 1988-1993 Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Göttingen, Germany,


Lecture Courses:

“Advanced Plant Physiology” (BO751) Spring 2006, 3 credts, NCSU.

“Computational Biology” (BO595D, BIT 595D), Fall 2005, 1 credit, NC State University

"Plant Biochemistry" Fall/Winter 1999-2001, graduate course (2h/week, 16 weeks)
University Osnabrück, Germany.

"Introduction to Bioinformatics", Spring/Summer 2000/2001, graduate course,
(2h/week, 14 weeks) University Osnabrück, Germany
The aim of this course was to introduce Biology graduate students to the basic algorithms underlying computational analysis of biological sequences.

"Plant Physiology" Spring 1999-2002, undergraduate course, (24h block) University Osnabrück

Guest lectures:
“Plant Gravitational Genomics and Space Biology” BO101, Perspectives on Plant Biology, Fall 2004.

“NASA’s Space Exploration – human or roBOtic – money well spent?” STS 302, Contemporary Science, Technology and Human Values. Fall 2004.

“Advanced Plant Physiology", Fall 1998,1997, and 2003, BO 551 Department, Plant Biology, NC State University

”Microarrays for Space“ Guest lecture on microarray analysis in BIT 815J (2003/04)

"Special Topics in Plant Physiology" Spring/Summer 1999, graduate course,
(2h/week, 14 weeks), University Osnabrück, Germany.

"Plant Physiology Seminar" Fall/ Winter 1999-2001, graduate course, (2h/week, 16 weeks), University Osnabrück, Germany.

"Modern Methods in Plant Biology" Spring 2002, graduate course, (2h/week, 14 weeks), University Osnabrück, Germany.

Laboratory Courses:
"Bioinformatics" graduate course, Spring 2000 and 2001, University Osnabrück
(3h/week, 14 weeks). This class allowed students to analyze information based on the lecture course “Introduction to Bioinformatics”.

"Plant Physiology I" undergraduate course, Spring 200 and 2001, (2 week block, 5h/day) University Osnabrück

"Plant Physiology II - Molecular Biology", undergraduate course, Winter 2000/2001/2002,
(2 week block, 8h/ day), University Osnabrück

"Plant Physiology III - Cell Biology", graduate course, (6 week block, Lab internships),
University Osnabrück

Instructor, “Gravity & Plants: A Workshop for High School Teachers”,
July 1998, 1997,1996, Department of Plant Biology, NC State University

Teaching Assistant 1989-1994 Introduction to Biochemistry, Advanced Biochemistry I
Advanced Biochemistry II, University of Göttingen, Germany


Julia Frank (2002) Protein:protein interactions of cellulose synthase CesA1
Tanja Danker (2002) Identification of hexokinase genes from monocotyledons.

PhD students:
Daniela Holtgraewe (2001-2004): The physiological function of protein interactions between sucrose synthase, the cytoskeleton and cellulose synthesis.
Anke Thilo (2001-2004): Interactions of glycolytic enzymes in plants
Jeffrey Kimbrough (2003 – current): The transcriptional network of gravity signal transduction in Arabidopsis root tips
Anna Brogan Mann (2005-current) Response and Adaptation of an exotic library introgression lines from wild and domesticated tomato to extreme environments.

Postdoctoral Associates:
Dr. Raul Salinas-Mondragon (2003-current): Effects of altered phosphoinositol metabolism on transcript profiles during gravitropism.
Dr. Henrietta Myburg (2004-current): Transcriptional and translational regulation of gravitropism in maize pulvini
Dr. Mariya Khodakovskaya (2005-present): Effects of genetically altered Ca2+ pools and fluxes on stress tolerance and disease resistance in tomato.

Graduate and Master Students Committees:
Norma Houston (PhD), 2002-current
Mariana Kirst (PhD) 2002-current
Jeffery Kimbrough (PhD) 2003-current
Song Yoon Lee (MS) 2004-current

Undergraduate students:
Nicolas Ward, 2003-current, Biological Sciences
David Munn, 2004, Biological Sciences
Candace Randell, 2004, Plant Biology Anna Brogan, 2004, Plant BiologyJessica Yester, 2004, BOtany

Mentor for Kenan Fellow:
Benji Downing, (2004-2006), Kenan Fellow, “Gravitational Plant Biology for High Schools”


Regulation of PEP-Carboxylase by Posttranslational Modification HumBOldt Foundation, Lynen-Fellowship,Germany 04/1994 – 05/1996 DM 100,000


“A synthetic peptide that causes bundling of F-actin in vitro and in situ”.
Technology Transfer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, Berkeley, USA
(Patent filed 10/19/2003; Inventors: H. Winter, S. Huber, C. Larabell)


Feodor-Lynen-Fellowship, Humboldt-Foundation, 1994-1996, Bonn, Germany
Member of the Council, 2001-2003, University of Osnabrück, Germany
Senate Commission for Women and Equality, 1999-2002, University Osnabrück, Germany
Member of the American Society of Plant Biologists, ASBO, 1997-present
Member of the German Botanical Society, 1998-present, Germany
Member of the International Society of Photosynthesis Research 2001-present
Member of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology, 2003-present
Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1999-present
Member of the Australian “Women in Science” Association (1992-1994)

PUBLICATIONS (peer reviewed, underlined: graduate students and postdocs supervised)

Salinas-Mondragon, R.E., Brogan, A., Ward, N., Perera, I.Y., Boss, W.F., Brown, C.S., Winter Sederoff, H. (2005) “Gravity and Light: Integrating Transcriptional Regulation in Roots.”
Gravitational and Space Bulletin 18(2); June 2005.
Kimbrough, J.M., Brown, C.S., Winter Sederoff, H. (2005) Co-expression and hormonal regulation of genes throughout gravity and mechanical stimulation in the Arabidopsis root apex. Gravitational and Space Bulletin 18(2); June 2005
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BOOK CHAPTERS and other Publications:
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Grant Review Panel: NASA Plant Biology 2005
Journals: Journal of Plant Physiology New Phytologist
Planta Plant Journal
Plant Physiology Physiologica Plantarum
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry Advances in Space Biology