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Gerald Van Dyke

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor



Selected Publications:

  • Carson, M.L. and C.G. Van Dyke. 1993. Effect of temperature and light on the expression of partial resistance of maize to Exserohilum turcicum. Plant Dis. 78:519-522.
  • Venkatasubbaiah, P., C.G. Van Dyke, and W. S. Chilton. 1992. Phytotoxic metabolites of Phoma sorghina a new foliar disease of pokeweed. Mycologia 84:715-723.
  • Van Dyke, C.G. and C.W. Mims. 1991. Ultrastructure of conidia, conidium germination and appressorium development in the plant pathogenic fungus Colletotrichum truncatum. Can. J. Bot. 69:2455-2467.