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Alex Graves

Student Equity and Access Specialist

Patterson Hall 104


Areas of Responsibility

  • Analyze current survey data collected from students of underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds to identify unmet needs
  • Reviewall student activities in Academic Programs for measures that assure inclusivity and belonging
  • Provide DEIB workshops for all CALS student organizations
  • Develop a curriculum for ALS 495 Contemporary Issues in Agriculture and Life Sciences

Alex Graves focuses on student diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) initiatives within Academic Programs. Graves joined the CALS faculty in 2005 as an associate professor of soil and environmental microbiology. Previously, she was director of the CALS Office of Diversity and Inclusion and chair of the CALS Diversity Council. She helped spearhead signature programs, including CALS Community Conversations and the Conversations that Matter lunch series.