Nickels for Know-How - vote on 11/1/16 (graphic)

Nickels for Know-How

Supporting NC State’s agricultural research, teaching and extension. Vote November 1, 2016.

Nickels for Know-How Makes Good Sense

The Nickels for Know-How referendum is a 65-year-old voluntary assessment on feed and fertilizer produced and purchased in North Carolina, with funds used to advance agricultural research, education and Cooperative Extension services.

It has been approved every six years since 1951  – by more than 90% of voters – because it made good sense then, it still makes good sense today.

Most of our state’s advances in agricultural research have utilized “Nickels” funds. So have the education programs that help tomorrow farmers get into NC State.  And every county benefits from Cooperative Extension agents and programs.

Your vote November 1st can help the fund the vital research and important programs that make North Carolina a great agricultural state. And that just makes good sense.

Richard H. Linton
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, NC State University

How it began

Farmers started Nickels for Know-How in a referendum held November 3, 1951. The General Assembly authorized a vote on this self-help program after it had been requested by the North Carolina Farm Bureau and the NC State Grange.

Who can vote

If you or your family buy feed or fertilizer, you can vote. Consumers decide every six years if they wish to continue the program. If two- thirds of the voters vote “Yes” in the referendum, the Nickels for Know-How program will continue for another six years.

How it works

Manufacturers originally added a nickel – five cents – to the price of their feed and fertilizers to support the referendum. Over time, the amount collected has increased to 15 cents.

Where to vote

Polling places will be established in each county. A list of polling places can be obtained from your county Cooperative Extension Service Center. Every County Center will have at least one polling place onsite. The referendum is Tuesday, November 1, 2016.

Nickels for Know-How Raises $1.4 Million Annually

That's about $40 per farm for research.

How Nickels for Know-How Has Helped

Students handle baby chicks

- Nickels for Know-How funds help rural agricultural students come to – and stay at – NC State. CALS Spend a Day at State program, Student Ambassadors program, workshops for high school vocational agriculture teachers, on-campus internships and annual scholarships are all funded by Nickels.

- Nickels support helped the college raise funds for nearly 900 endowments valued at more than $135 million. That provides over $1 million in scholarships to 620 undergraduate students each year.

- Nickels provides operating support for the N.C. Cooperative Extension Agriculture Programs Foundation, the N.C. 4-H Development Fund, the N.C. FFA Foundation, the N.C. Family and Consumer Sciences & Extension and Community Association Foundation, the N.C. Dairy Foundation and the JC Raulston Arboretum Board of Directors.

A group gathered in a field with a trackgor in the foreground at a Nickels for Know-How Extension Event

- Nickels for Know-How funds support Cooperative Extension in every county in the State. Extension puts NC State’s research into action, providing farmers with new methods and products to grow and sell.

- Nickels helps fund CALS recognition events for outstanding volunteers; individual and corporate donors; current and retired faculty and staff; and the CALS Alumni & Friends Society.

- Nickels supports ag commodity, leadership and legislative efforts through its support of agricultural awareness campaigns, CALS commodity relations activities and the annual CALS Tailgate – NC State’s largest alumni and friends event.

These are just a few of the ways Nickels for Know-How works to support North Carolina farmers and agribusinesses. Help continue these good works by voting on November 1, 2016.

Supporting Nickels for Know-How keeps a good thing growing!

Current Research Projects

Embryonic manipulations to increase poultry muscle growth and yield

Foot-pad dermatitis and commercial turkey welfare

Myofibular myopathies in breast muscle of large broilers

Effect of LED lighting on turkey performance, welfare and quality

Reducing salmonella and campylobacter contamination in turkeys

Feed formula and particle size effects on energy and enteric health

Production of biomass for bio-fuel production

On-farm energy production and nutrient recovery from swine manure

Effectiveness of evaporative cooling in swine facilities

Development of effective human pathogen control in fresh produce

Establishing elements of an organic peanut value chain

Maintaining healthy honey bee colonies

Novel alternatives to conventional antibiotics in swine feeds

Evaluation of sow longevity differences on N.C. farms

Using genomic tools to select pigs for efficient nutrient utilization

Reducing heat stress and improving reproduction of sows

Dietary approaches to sow productivity in gestation group housing

Improved productivity of heat stressed sows via nutritional mgmt

Genomic characterization of response to fescue toxicity in beef cattle

Interactions of fescue toxins and heat stress in cattle

Managing palmer amaranth and other herbicide resistant weeds

Nitrogen and fertilizer rate study for contemporary crop varieties

Kudzu bug management in different environments

Managing stink bug species in field and fruit crops

Managing spotted wing drosophila in berry crops

Managing exotic white grub in sweet potato

Sweet potato internal necrosis

Managing phytophthora root rot in Fraser firs

Managing of glomerella leaf spot and colletotrichum dieases in apples

Solutions to soil-borne diseases in tomatoes

Controlling fire ants

2016 Nickels for Know-How Referendum Co-Chairs

Larry Wooten, President, North Carolina Farm Bureau

Jimmy Gentry, President, N.C. State Grange

Albert Corbett, Chairman, N.C. Agricultural Foundation, Inc. and New Hanover County farmer

NC Agricultural Foundation

Keith Oakley, President
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