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Who We’re Hiring At…John Deere

Lynn Novak
Manager of Finance Integration
NC State alumna

Founded in 1837, John Deere manufactures a variety of agricultural, construction and forestry machinery.

What qualities are you looking for in the “student of the future”? Why?

We need people who are able to independently prioritize what needs to be done – in today’s world where we are all thrown so much information, we need people who can pick out and prioritize what needs to happen and when.

Another key thing we’re looking for is adaptability. When students come to us right out of school, we usually relocate them within the company a few times to give them a very broad experience working in different areas of the business. That requires flexibility and a well-rounded skill set.

And of course interest in the agriculture industry is important too. A lot of folks here didn’t grow up on a farm, but we are all passionately interested in agriculture.

What makes a resume stand out?

We look for experience showing that you’re involved in the school and participate in a variety of activities. We also look for internships and other job experience.  Some of our career paths require technical knowledge getting in-depth with machinery, so having background with that can make you stand out as well.

For some roles, it’s language capabilities – for example, if we have an opening in the Latin American office and you speak Spanish or Portuguese, that’s a huge plus.

We are also really focused as a company on data and analytics, so having that analytical background will make you stand out.  You may not start in a purely data science role, but having those skills to work with data or with the folks who do is an important skill set. Unique skill sets in agronomy and precision agriculture are also in demand

What are the most important things CALS can do to build you the future employees you need?

Professionalism is very important – that saying you’ve only got one chance to make a first impression is very true. We’re always looking for demonstrated leadership and the ability to work in teams, because in the real world, you’re rarely working in a vacuum. A lot of teams here at Deere are cross-functional, so you could be on a team with an engineer, a supply management specialist, an accountant, a salesperson, and someone from marketing – being able to work together in that environment is critical.