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Walden honored for public service

Michael Walden

Dr. Michael L. Walden, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor of economics at N. C. State University, received the Award for Excellence in Public Service Oct. 8 from the board of Governors of the multi-campus University of North Carolina. The award, announced during the board’s regular October meeting, was established in 2007 to encourage, identify, recognize and reward distinguished public service and outreach by
faculty across the university.

Walden has taught at N.C. State for the past 32 years. An award-winning teacher and researcher, he also pioneered the use of mass media in Extension programming to help average citizens understand complex economic principals and relationships so that they can make better decisions about their own lives. In addition to his classroom teaching, he writes and broadcasts a daily commercial radio program, writes a biweekly column carried by more than 40 newspapers, conducts a monthly call-in radio program and publishes biannual economic forecasts for the state and its regions.