You Decide

Mar 17, 2017

You Decide: Are We Asking Too Much Of The Fed?

The Federal Reserve – for short, the “Fed” – is again front and center in the news. Some say the Fed has been trying to do too much. Specifically, critics point to two actions the Fed continued long after the immediate crisis of the Great Recession passed. Do we only want the Federal Reserve to intervene in the economy when the financial system is in trouble?

Mar 3, 2017

You Decide: What Is Your Local Economy?

North Carolina has a lot of local governments with over 100 counties and 552 municipalities in the state. Many people identify with their nearest local government, particularly when it comes to the economy. But do local economies start and stop at county and municipal lines?

Feb 17, 2017

You Decide: Is Farming a High-Tech Industry

The productivity of farmers soared over the past century. The productivity of farms jumped an amazing 140 percent between 1910 and 1950. This is what technology does, but are the productivity gains in farming over?

Feb 3, 2017

You Decide: How Can We Get to Four Percent Growth?

One of the major goals of the new administration is to increase the rate of economic growth in the country. The objective is to move from the two percent annual growth rate of recent years to four percent. A strong case can be made that improving economic growth is the challenge of our time. NC State University economist Mike Walden lays out the details for you to decide if we can get there.

Jan 20, 2017

You Decide: Do Economists Ever Agree?

Economists have a reputation for being disagreeable. Some have argued an individual economist even has trouble agreeing with her or himself. Recently Dr. Mike Walden had a chance to test the level of agreement among economists taking part in a panel. So what did economists agree about?

Jan 6, 2017

You Decide: How to Solve Our Economic Growth Mystery?

Like the nation and most states, North Carolina’s economy has made progress since the end of the Great Recession. However, compared to recent recoveries from recessions, the pace of North Carolina’s current economic progress has been relatively slow. Usually, North Carolina's economic recoveries are stronger than the national recoveries. What could be the cause of this?

Dec 9, 2016

You Decide: What Will Happen to the Economy in 2017

Our economy is very complex with millions of interactions and interrelationships. I think economists are best at identifying general trends and raising questions about the economic future. So, what could the economy hold for our country in 2017?

Nov 23, 2016

You Decide: Will The Trump Economic Policies Work?

A big part of the presidential political campaigns centered on the economy, with candidates talking about boosting economic growth, creating jobs and improving pay. With Mr. Trump the winner, all eyes will be on the policies he will promote to achieve these goals. So what will President-elect Trump eventually do to help the economy?

Nov 11, 2016

You Decide: Where Will We Live?

Less than 50 years ago – in 1970 – North Carolina was still a rural state. That’s all changed. North Carolina is now an urban state, with two-thirds of the state’s people living in cities and high density counties. Will it remain that way?

Oct 28, 2016

You Decide: Is Demography Behind Slow Economic Growth?

One of the big issues hear in this election year is slow economic growth. Although the economy has improved since the depths of the recession seven years ago, the gains have been modest compared to previous recoveries. Does the real answer to the issue sit in demographics?