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Aug 5, 2016

You Decide: What’s the Source of Our Discontent?

If education, technology and globalization are behind the discontent of many households, the big question is: what to do about it? NC State University economist Mike Walden addresses this question in his latest 'You Decide' column.

Jul 26, 2016

You Decide: Is There An Investment Boxing Match Winner?

Do the higher fees paid to active investment managers pay for themselves with better earnings? NC State University economist Mike Walden addresses this question in his latest 'You Decide' column.

Jun 30, 2016  |  You Decide

You Decide: What’s Behind the Declining Labor Force

Among all the economic data coming from various media outlets, one has received increased attention in recent years. In fact, NC State University economist Mike Walden says it's the most discussed economic statistic of the past couple of years. It's called the labor force participation rate.

Jun 16, 2016

You Decide: What can we learn from the 1970s’ gas crisis?

Two important events happened in NC State economist Mike Walden's life 40 years ago. He met his future wife, and he was an an unwilling participant of the decade’s gas crisis. While the gas crisis wasn’t fun at the time, he writes, it has provided some lessons for how public policy makers respond to shortages in key commodities, like gasoline.

Jun 2, 2016

You Decide: How can we boost economic growth?

Politicians of all parties and persuasions have one thing in common on the campaign trail: They are talking about economic growth. Actually, they’re talking about the lack of robust economic growth and solutions for making the economy stronger.

May 19, 2016

You Decide: Is there occupational churning?

NC State University economist Mike Walden has been looking closely at jobs in North Carolina — what kinds they are and how they have been changing. Our job market is constantly churning, meaning there are always some existing jobs being cut while new jobs are being created. Are there any trends?

May 5, 2016

You Decide: Will interest rates remain low?

Interest rates have changed dramatically over the course of economist Mike Walden's nearly 40-year career at NC State. In his latest "You Decide" column, he examines some of the reasons and considers whether low rates are likely to change anytime soon.

Apr 21, 2016

You Decide: What’s the best timing for valuing property?

Recently Wake County, the state’s second largest county in population, reduced the time between property revaluations from eight to four years. The change has created some confusion as well as claims the move is a veiled way of increasing taxes.

Apr 7, 2016

You Decide: Is there trouble with trade?

In a textbook world, international trade improves the economies of both countries and people. But, as even teachers know, the real world doesn’t always follow the textbook. International trade has created winners and losers, and that has led to increasing concern.

Mar 24, 2016

You Decide: Why are there new sales taxes?

North Carolinians having repairs made to their vehicles are now in for a little bit of a shock. With a few exceptions, they will now have to pay state sales tax on the labor cost of those repairs. So, too, will folks paying for repairs to their computers and for installing modular homes. These are some of the new sales taxes that began March 1. NC State University economist Mike Walden considers whether such taxes go against a trend in North Carolina.