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Satellite in space, with view of Earth

May 12, 2017

Houston, We Have Tomatoes

For more than two decades, CALS researchers have been working with NASA to develop food solutions for astronauts. The findings have implications not only for long-term space missions, but also for Earth-bound agriculture. For humans to embark on long-term space missions, they will need plenty of food – not just food they can pack and… 

CALS faculty and staff worked with legislators and growers to shape and implement policy.

May 12, 2017

Law And Order: Ag Unit

When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the most sweeping reform of food safety laws in nearly a century, North Carolina fruit and vegetable growers needed a hand adapting their operations. CALS faculty have been working with partners statewide to meet those needs. 

Allie Crawley, Ph.D. student and CRISPR researcher

May 12, 2017

Building Better Probiotics: Allie Briner Crawley

Allie Briner Crawley Ph.D. student, Functional Genomics Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences When Allie Briner Crawley started at NC State, she had never heard of CRISPR. But the revolutionary cut-and-paste gene editing system quickly became her passion. She studies CRISPR-Cas systems in lactic acid bacteria, with the ultimate goal of creating better probiotics that… 

mother and daughter looking at fresh produce at farmers market

May 12, 2017

Top Of The Local Food Chain

Thanks in part to the Center for Environmental Farming Systems, it’s getting easier for North Carolinians to find fresh food from local farmers in grocery stores, restaurants, schools and farmers markets. 

Farmer with laptop looks at farming equipment

May 9, 2017

Big Data Yields Plant Sciences Innovation

Computer scientists, data analytics experts and information technology professionals will play a role in the success of the North Carolina Plant Sciences Initiative. A recent workshop focused on how to improve the collection, analysis and applicability of agriculture’s big data. 

Drawing of greenhouse interior

May 8, 2017

Plant Sciences Initiative Task Forces Report Recommendations

Task forces charged with mapping a vision for the North Carolina Plant Sciences Initiative came together May 1 at NC State University’s McKimmon Center to discuss and share recommendations, learn about next steps and celebrate progress. 

CALS researchers harvest Striped Bass fry (eggs) at NC State's Pamlico Aquaculture Field Lab in Aurora, N.C.

Dec 4, 2016

Extension Connections, Big Results

There’s a direct connection between Assistant Professor Benjamin Reading’s bass research and the tremendous early success of an Aurora fish hatchery – thanks to Aquaculture Extension Agent Mike Frinsko. 

Researchers look at food plant

Nov 9, 2016

Food Safety – In Virtual Reality

NC State University food scientists harness the power of virtual reality to keep contaminants off your dinner plate – and to give our students the same training as the experts.