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Student Spotlight

antonio working on irrigation systems

Mar 17, 2022

Meet the HortPack: Antonio Tranquilino

Tranquilino is a two-year NC State student majoring in turfgrass management and horticultural science management to multiply his landscape career prospects. 

NC State's Memorial Belltower with the sun peeking through the trees

Aug 24, 2021

Student Enriches Family Life Through Research

After experiencing a divorce firsthand, Beth Edwards was filled with inspiration to pursue the a family life education and coaching degree. 

Women holding a beaker of blue water

Jul 26, 2021

Student’s Pig and Pines Project Aims to Find Waste Solutions

CALS student Victoria Augoustides, a rising senior in biological and agricultural engineering, aims to find waste solutions for swine and pine industries. 

Highly active graduate student Shelly Hunt is enrolled in the Ag Data Sciences Certificate program

Jul 21, 2021

An Uncommon Thread

Shelly Hunt recently enrolled in the Ag Data Sciences Certificate program. So far, it's proving to be the perfect complement to her studies, her field research, and her career goals. 

Amanda DeLucia

Apr 28, 2021

Amanda DeLucia: Aspiring Agriculture Educator

As Amanda DeLucia nears graduation, the CALS student reflects upon many bittersweet in-person moments as she departs NC State and seeks to educate and connect others with plants and animals. 

Tsharre Sanders

Apr 26, 2021

Tsharre Sanders: Keeping the Faith

Tsharre Sanders’ passion for making sure Christian LGBTQ youth maintain their faith stems from her own personal story. Upon graduating this spring, the CALS graduate student will attend divinity school in Georgia. 

A young woman standing next to a cattle fence

Mar 3, 2021

Meg Anderson Talks About Teamwork, Community and Being an Ambassador

Serving as an Ambassador for the Agricultural Business Management program kept Meg Anderson connected to her peers even when campus was closed. 

A young man carrying a backpack plays a string instrument while walking along a pathway next to a dog.

Feb 24, 2021

Senior Ben Rose Shares Unique Journey to CALS

Crop and Soil Sciences students follow different routes in their academic journey, but their goal of agricultural and environmental impact is the same. We caught up with Ben Rose, a senior undergraduate soil science major to learn about his winding academic journey and future plans. 

A woman walking, wearing a black cap and gown

Nov 30, 2020

YFCS Grad Hopes to ‘Fill Gaps’ in Youth Policies in UAE

Before turning 40, CALS international and graduate student Rasha Abdullah wanted to do something for herself. So she chose to earn her master’s degree from NC State. 

A young woman in front of trees

Jul 27, 2020

Student Turns Challenging Circumstance into Opportunity for Growth

Despite facing disappointment after a cancelled summer internship, Kailee decided to use her time to help others face the pandemic as well as boost her entrepreneurial skills.