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plant diseases

Potato plant with leaf blight

Apr 4, 2023

NC State Researchers Assemble Pathogen ‘Tree of Life’

Researchers provide an open-access tool to capture new data on a global plant destroyer, Phytophthora. 

western flower thrips

Feb 2, 2023

A Salivating Super Vector and the Secrets that Lurk Within

A dynamic duo of NC State researchers has uncovered a never-before-seen interaction between a menacing crop virus and its salivating insect host. 

a group of people standing outside posing for a photo

Aug 10, 2022

$1M NSF Grant Awarded to Help Better Predict Emerging Plant Disease Pandemics

NC State researchers plan to use real-time analytics through sensor technology, data mining, remote sensing and modeling to better monitor and predict plant diseases. 

a female researcher in a lab smiling

Apr 15, 2022

A Journey from a Small Farm to Groundbreaking Scientific Research

Anna Whitfield’s path to studying big questions in agriculture began on a small family farm in Georgia, where she saw first-hand the economic, societal and psychological impacts of destructive plant and animal diseases. 

Mark Hoffmann, assistant professor and small fruits extension specialist

Oct 29, 2021

Propagating Grower Success

Mark Hoffmann will lead a $5.3 million project to develop new indoor and outdoor propagation technologies for America’s strawberry nursery industry. 

May 18, 2021

Preserving Sweetpotato Exports

A research team is exploring ways to protect the quality of sweetpotatoes shipped to Europe, following changes in regulations. 

woman scientist in laboratory

Aug 23, 2019

On Call with Veggie Doc Lina Quesada-Ocampo

NC State scientist Lina Quesada is on the front lines with county Extension agents in helping vegetable growers deal with devastating plant diseases.