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North Carolina

A young boy in a garden planting greens

Apr 1, 2020

Quick and Tasty Edibles for Spring

Now is the perfect time to start a small garden at home. Liz Driscoll, an NC State Extension 4-H specialist, reviews a number of vegetables that families can grow within two months. 

Child with caterpillar on his nose.

Mar 15, 2020

Now What?

Without going far, kids can explore and learn from familiar environments. Liz Driscoll, an NC State Extension 4-H specialist, suggests five easy outdoor activities to try when your kids are feeling cooped up. 

Aerial of Memorial Belltower and surrounding buildings on campus.

Jul 6, 2018

You Decide: Is North Carolina Keeping Up With Other States?

Economic growth is a little bit like air travel. If growth is slow, it can be a bumpy ride with the threat of a recession always looming. But if growth is faster, the economy can feel like it is cruising, creating opportunities for more people and more places. How does North Carolina's growth stack up? 

Woman standing in front of the door to her farm store.

Jan 16, 2018

Looking Ahead to Farm School

Designed for aspiring farmers, the North Carolina Farm School attracts people from all walks of life, including experienced farmers like Miriam Lewis who want to learn about the business side of agriculture. 

green rural scene

Oct 25, 2017

Extension to Take Part in Upcoming Rural Assembly

Rural leadership is the topic of next month’s Rural Assembly in Raleigh, and NC State Extension will be there, highlighting some of its top programs aimed at promoting prosperity in the state’s rural communities. 


Feb 9, 2017

Economists Share 2017 Outlook at Ag Development Forum

Dr. Mike Walden discussed some of the key economic goals of the new administration, while Dr. Blake Brown focused on the outlook for North Carolina’s farmers. 

Feb 1, 2016

From research to solutions: North Carolina’s Plant Sciences Initiative

New jobs, new companies, new products and new solutions: These are among the benefits of NC State University's Plant Sciences Initiative, which is part of the NC Connect bond package. 

Oct 12, 2015

NC State and agriculture

In a new video from Higher Education Works, NC State University Chancellor Randy Woodson talks about the importance of technology for improving the state's $80 billion-a-year agriculture industry both now and in the future.