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graduate student

Guests walking at JC Raulston Arboretum.

Jul 25, 2022

Learning Horticulture From 500 Miles Away

Mikayla Roth earned her Master of Horticultural Science degree and Geographic Information Systems certificate not only online but from Ithaca, New York. 

a woman scientist in a lab space

Mar 21, 2022

Aurora Toennisson: Exploring Space and Sharing Science

When Toennisson was young, she wanted to be an astronaut. But as she learned more about life on Earth, she shifted her interests. 

a woman with a basketball hoop

Mar 14, 2022

Staying Power

Youth, Family, and Community Sciences grad student Raina Perez transferred to NC State in 2020 and then decided to stick around for one more year. 

a man smiling in a field

Feb 18, 2022

Stephen Ippolito: Organic Weed Management Research with Stevia

Stephen Ippolito, an organic weed management graduate student, has focused much of his efforts on improving stevia crops from the effects of the highly competitive Palmer amaranth pigweed. 

NC State gateway at sunset

Dec 30, 2021

Kylie Rymanowicz Applies Knowledge and Skills to Support Families

Kylie Rymanowicz worked with families in a variety of contexts throughout her career, and found that graduate studies in family life education at NC State was the perfect complement to her work. 

a young man wearing a white lab coat in a plant research lab with

Dec 20, 2021

The Horticultural Hats of Brandon Huber

Brandon Huber, now the lead scientist with Ag Eye Technologies, wore many hats during his time as a graduate student with the Department of Horticultural Science, including growing and sharing Lupin the corpse flower. 

White woman showing broccoli to preschool children

Oct 26, 2021

Healthy Start: Alumna Virginia Stage Adds Science, Nutrition in Preschool

NC State alumna Virginia Stage, a nutrition researcher, leads programs to introduce science and nutrition in preschool. 

Graduate student in greenhouse with plants.

Oct 25, 2021

Graduate Mentorship Program Extended for Future Cohorts

It’s challenging for employers who require candidates with doctorates and the professional skills needed for team-based research. The recently extended Rockey FFAR Fellows program helps fill that gap. 

Young men digging and filling a wheelbarrow

Dec 22, 2020

Giving Back: Kamal Bell and Sankofa Farms

Kamal Bell isn’t your stereotypical North Carolina farmer, and his Orange County farm isn’t your everyday farm. There, he’s not just farming, he’s also teaching — and doing both in ways aimed at raising the quality of life for people in his nearby hometown of Durham. 

May 7, 2020

Until We Meet Again

Ph.D. graduate Matthew Warren leaves a legacy of nutrition research and peer mentoring at NC State as he takes on a new biomedical science position.