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a very large bag of fertilizer

Jul 26, 2022

When Crops Eat First

NC State researchers investigate if enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) could benefit both farm profitability and the environment. 

a muddy pig with a farm in background

Feb 9, 2022

Could NC Export Poop For Profit?

NC State is partnering to evaluate a low-cost swine sludge dryer to reduce hog lagoon sludge and create farm revenue from exported fertilizer. 

Nov 8, 2021

Crop and Soil Science Seminar – Dr. Sarah Lyons

Dr. Sarah Lyons Postdoctoral Research Associate, Crop and Soil Sciences Fertilizer Recommendation Support Tool (FRST): Building a Database for both Legacy and Future Data   Wed Dec 8, 2021 3:30pm… 

Sep 13, 2021

Crop and Soil Science Seminar – Dr. Deanna Osmond

Dr. Deanna Osmond Professor of Soil Fertility & Watershed Management and Department Extension Leader, Crop and Soil Sciences Fertilizer Recommendation Support Tool (FRST): The Power of Working Together   Wed… 

Fish statue at NC's Roanoke River Park

Jan 26, 2021

Big Data’s FRST Step In Environmental Stewardship

Soil testing is the main way growers assess specific soil nutrient status and evaluate supplemental needs. Soil science researcher Deanna Osmond and team thinks it’s time to loose the power of big data to address one of agriculture’s most nagging issues, nutrient management.   

Aerial of tractor spraying fields at Lake Wheeler farms.

Mar 30, 2020

Fertilizer of the Future

An interdisciplinary team led by Katharina Stapelmann is setting out on an ambitious three-year project to completely rethink how nitrogen-based fertilizers are produced and used. From on-farm fertilizer production to on-demand, precision irrigation, their project aims to cut energy use, protect the water supply and increase yields.