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Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Aerial view of Belltower and downtown Raleigh to the east of campus.

Jan 14, 2022

You Decide: How Deep is Our Economic Divide?

There will always be differing ideas on how the economy should be handled. How have economists viewed it in the past and what do they consider when looking forward? 

people on a beach

Jan 4, 2022

An Economic Solution to Crowding on Public Beaches

New research shows charging entrance fees at Gulf Coast beaches can reduce congestion. 

Downtown Raleigh, east of campus.

Dec 31, 2021

You Decide: Will 2022 Be a Boom, Bust or in Between?

With 2021 behind us, what possibilities does the 2022 economy hold for us? 

Aerial view of downtown Raleigh

Dec 17, 2021

You Decide: Is It Cheaper to Live In North Carolina?

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released cost-of-living numbers for the year 2019. How does North Carolina stack up to the country and neighboring states? 

Downtown Raleigh, east of campus.

Dec 3, 2021

You Decide: How Has The Economic Pie and Its Slices Changed?

The economic pie is a device often used to give context to how the economy has grown over time. How have the slices in North Carolina been changing? 

cover crops in a field

Nov 30, 2021

Study Suggests Crop Insurance Plays Small Role in Discouraging Cover Crop Use in Indiana

Study findings could help researchers understand more about the unintended consequences of crop insurance subsidies. 

Downtown Raleigh, east of campus.

Nov 19, 2021

You Decide: Can A Wage-Price Spiral Be Avoided?

Our economy is constantly changing due to inflation and cost-of-living adjustments. What are some factors to look out for? 

NC State's Edward Kick

Nov 9, 2021

Taking a World View

NC State Agricultural and Resource Economics Professor Edward Kick draws on big data to understand what causes inequalities among nations and the big problems that come from them. 

Aerial view of downtown Raleigh

Nov 5, 2021

You Decide: Will There Be a Permanent Labor Shortage?

Labor shortages can have a large impact on the economy and its outcomes. How can our society adapt to changing normals? 

Craig Yencho gives a presentation at a recent field day

Oct 29, 2021

Protecting Our State’s New Rural Cash Crop

The true profit potential of sweetpotatoes has been held back by an aggressive and invasive pest. NC State’s Craig Yencho will lead a $5 million grant-funded project to fight it.