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Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

an aerial view of skyline in downtown raleigh

Jul 1, 2022

You Decide: How Can We Slow the Increase in Home Prices?

Home prices have been rising rapidly in recent years. What approaches can be taken to face this issue? 

an aerial view of skyline in downtown raleigh

Jun 17, 2022

You Decide: What Does the Language of Recessions Mean?

NC State economist Mike Walden helps define terms so you're better equipped to understand dialogue around recessions. 

"Discover NC Dairy" interactive map image

Jun 9, 2022

North Carolina Dairy Industry is Grade A

June is National Dairy Month! To celebrate, discover how NC State is moo-ving the dairy industry forward. 

Downtown Raleigh, east of campus.

Jun 3, 2022

You Decide: How Can We Prepare for the Coming Job Shifts?

The job field constantly shifts with new technologies and trends. How is North Carolina equipped to help workers adjust to the new markets? 

Downtown Raleigh, east of campus.

May 20, 2022

You Decide: How Will the Hospitality Industry Change?

The hospitality industry in North Carolina has had to adapt in recent years. How has it changed, and what could it look like in the future? 

Downtown Raleigh, east of campus.

May 6, 2022

You Decide: Do We Live in the Most Uncertain of Times?

The year 2022 has already contained numerous events that directly impacted our society. What are they and what impacts are they having? 

May 5, 2022

Max Hagaman: Embracing the Community Found in Agriculture

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences graduate Max Hagaman expanded his professional network through leadership and service in FFA and AFA. 

Downtown Raleigh, east of campus.

Apr 22, 2022

You Decide: How Well Has North Carolina Dealt With COVID-19?

The National Bureau of Economic Research recently published a study on how individual states have dealt with the challenges of the pandemic. How did North Carolina measure up to the others? 

someone holding sweetpotatoes

Apr 12, 2022

CALS Economist Joins the Fight to Curb the Effects of Invasive Nematode on Sweetpotatoes

Daniel Tregeagle will conduct an economic analysis to determine the costs of adopting new growing methods to stop the spread of the guava root-knot nematode. 

Downtown Raleigh, east of campus.

Apr 8, 2022

You Decide: Why Do Gas Prices Rise Faster Than They Fall?

Gas prices never seem to fall as fast as they rise. What factors could be happening behind the scenes?