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Agricultural and Human Sciences

Young woman sitting on a small boat in the middle of water with two wolfpack hands

Apr 20, 2020

Dedicated to Agricultural Education and Wolfpack Traditions

Mary Kate Morgan, a senior in the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences, is one of this year’s Mathews Medal recipients. 

Why do egg whites turn white when you cook them? Eggs frying on a skillet.

Jan 18, 2019

Why Do Egg Whites Turn White When You Cook Them?

Ask the AHS experts: When you crack open a raw egg, the egg white isn’t white at all — it’s more like a clear jelly. So why does it turn white when you cook it? Does that make it safe to eat? 

CALS Alumna Ag Teacher Jillian Ford

Oct 18, 2018

Taking Ag To High School: Award-Winning Teacher (And CALS Alum) Jillian Ford

A recent double-CALS grad, Onslow County high school teacher Jillian Ford just nabbed a new title: the Southeast's 2018 Outstanding Early Career Teacher, according to the National Association of Agricultural Educators. 

New NC State Ag Agent Maddie Ciszewski Cherokee

Apr 12, 2018

Working With The Tribe: New Ag Agent Maddie Ciszewski

Maddie Ciszewski graduated from CALS in 2017 and started her new job as an agricultural Extension agent in Cherokee — the only Extension office in the state that works directly with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. 

Grocery store produce section with appleas, cider, plums and more.

Apr 12, 2018

Extending Health Across The State

A grant from NC State Extension’s new Health Matters program allowed two Halifax County churches to build a community garden that now provides produce to over 350 families. It was one of 60 wide-ranging projects by four Health Matters associates and their 110 community partners last year to increase access to healthy food and physical activity. 

CALS Magazine Christian Gray AgPackStrong

Oct 25, 2017

Christian Gray Is #AgPackStrong

He's trained first-round NBA picks, but when CALS alum Christian Gray has to choose between a business trip and a middle school graduation, he'll cancel the business trip every time. Gray transforms lessons from a challenging childhood into youth mentorship, both on and off the court. 

Eve Honeycutt Extension

Jul 27, 2017

All About Eve

Extension Agent Eve Honeycutt braves 4-H, hurricanes and horse manure -- all in a day's work. And her warm, down-to-earth demeanor, coupled with depth of knowledge and commitment to her agricultural community, has made Honeycutt a well-known presence in the counties she serves. 

CALS faculty Joy Marshall leads a class teaching future ag professors to teach diverse learners.

May 12, 2017

Learning To Teach, Teaching To Learn

Joy Morgan’s Teaching Diverse Learners class develops creativity and flexibility in future ag educators who must accommodate students with a variety of needs in a single classroom. 

Sarah Kirby pointing to drywall behind exposed wooden studs in a flooded home.

Dec 7, 2016

Videos Focus on Recovery in the Wake of a Flood

Cleaning up after a house floods can be a long, hard process. To help families deal with issues ranging from cleaning a kitchen to avoiding pest problems, educators with NC State University Extension have developed a series of educational YouTube videos called “After the Flood.” 

Dr. Michael Schulman, childhood obesity researcher at NC State's CALS.

Nov 16, 2016

Study: Poverty and Location Impact Childhood Obesity in NC

According to data from 38 counties, NC children living in rural counties or attending high-poverty schools are more likely to be obese, says a new study co-authored by CALS researcher Michael Schulman.