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Straight from the Kitchen, Garden and Farm: Homegrown Educates, Connects North Carolinians

A Food Corps volunteer shows a group of children vegetables just pulled from the ground.

From exploring miles of fertile farmland and fresh produce at the farmers market to discovering flowers blooming in the backyard and nutritious foods cooking in the kitchen, Homegrown, a new educational video series from NC State Extension, aims to reconnect people to the food, landscapes and agriculture of North Carolina.

NC State Extension and the NC State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have launched Homegrown as a digital platform with educational and instructional videos on gardening and home horticulture, agriculture and farming practices, and the safe preparation and preservation of local foods.

Every month, Homegrown will share new videos highlighting tips and tools from Extension’s subject-matter experts across the state. Extension agents and specialists provide research-based information in an engaging, hands-on manner, addressing timely issues and needs that impact communities, businesses and families across North Carolina.

“Homegrown will introduce you to what is raised and grown in North Carolina, and the farmers that help feed us,” explained Rich Bonanno, NC State Extension director. “We’ll show you what plants are in season and how to get a bumper crop from your home garden. We’ll take you into the kitchen to learn how to safely prepare meals that are healthy and nutritious.” 

Segments are grouped into three categories: In The Garden, In The Kitchen and On The Farm.

  • In The Garden videos help guide green thumbs with seasonal tips from Extension’s horticultural experts and Extension Master GardenerSM volunteers on establishing and maintaining gardens, lawns, landscapes and houseplants.
  • In The Kitchen segments focus on safety practices for food preparation and preservation, tips for cooking nutritious and seasonal local foods, and even the occasional “celebrity” chef sharing their favorite N.C. foods and recipes.
  • On The Farm features take you on a journey through the life cycle of N.C. foods, from the farm to your family’s dinner table, while highlighting the farmers who produce products that impact our daily lives.

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