Publication provides overview of biomass fuels for heating in NC

Both agricultural and forestry biomass can provide adequate sources of renewable fuels for a wide array of heating applications in North Carolina, according to a new publication from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service at NC State University.

The 10-page “A Guide to Biomass Fuels in North Carolina,” available online at, is aimed at giving farmers and others an overview of biomass fuels, important characteristics for consumers to consider and the economics of using these alternative fuels.

The publication’s authors are Matthew W. Veal, assistant professor and Extension specialist, and William G. Brown, graduate research assistant with the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

They write that “five characteristics must be fully considered when making a decision about using a biomass fuel source: heating value, moisture content, ash content , emissions, and additional processing.” The publication provides helpful information on each of those topics.

– Staff Report

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