North Carolina Public Leadership Development Seminar Premieres!

The North Carolina Public Leadership Development Seminar will premiere on February 17 and 18 in partnership with the North Carolina Farm Bureau (NCFB).  This new leadership program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences focuses on growing new public leaders to serve in volunteer, appointed and elected positions across the state.  The two-day program will be open to approximately 25 individuals who are interested in exploring opportunities for greater public service at the local and/or state level.  The program will be led by experts in public policy and political strategy and will provide the participants with a deep understanding of issues facing the state in agriculture, education, health and the environment.  The program will also focus on the demographic changes occurring in North Carolina as one of the nation’s fastest growing states.

The program will be held at the North Carolina Farm Bureau Headquarters and has a registration fee of $150.00.  To learn more about the program or to register, please contact Curtis Hayes ( or Marshall Stewart (

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