Food and Nutrition Research Experts

CALS is North Carolina’s leading provider of knowledge, education and technology related to food and nutrition. Our scientists breed crops for greater nutrition and create healthier food products such as sweet acidophilus milk and lower-fat cheeses. They also lead the way when it comes to research giving us a better understanding of human nutritional needs and what happens to the body when those needs aren’t met.

Jose Alonso
Associate Professor

Development of new genetic manipulation tools for rice that could facilitate rapid analysis of gene function and genetic manipulation that can be applied to improve crop production and nutrition

Wendy Boss
William Neal Reynolds Professor
Plant Biology

Improvement of human nutrition and health by using synthetic biology to redesign plants to increase their growth, nutritional quality and tolerance to stress; goals include reducing the presence of toxic compounds produced as a result of abiotic stress

Jose Bruno-Barcena
Assistant Professor

Investigation of lactic acid bacteria physiology, genetics and bioprocessing and use of novel and genetically modified beta-galactosidases for producing prebiotics that more closely resemble human milk oligasaccharides

Nancy Creamer
Distinguished Professor of Sustainable and Community-based Food Systems and Director, Center for Environmental Farming Systems
Horticultural Science

Research and extension education to increase North Carolinians’ access to fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly among consumers lacking food security>

Margo Daub
William Neal Reynolds Professor and Department Head
Plant Biology

Investigation of the biosynthetic pathway for vitamin B6 in plants with a goal of increasing vitamin and antioxidant content and using genetic engineering to control fungal diseases of plants to reduce pesticide use

Chris Daubert
Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator, Bioprocessing Science
Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences

Development of a new modified whey protein ingredient to create a yogurt-like product with added prebiotics and probiotics

Charlotte Farin
Animal Science

Participation in collaborative Haiti Fish and Goat Development Project with the University of Florida to provide animal-source food to children, improve livestock genetics and support training of Haitian farmers interested in goat and fish farming

Allen Foegeding
William Neal Reynolds Professor
Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences

Development of ways to reduce fat and increase the content of high-quality protein in cheese

Sung Woo Kim
Associate Professor
Animal Science

Investigation of nutrition and digestive physiology, including nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, and of pigs as a model for human nutrition

Todd Klaenhammer
University Distinguished Professor
Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences

Investigation of functional genomics of probiotic Lactobacilli to link specific genes to traits responsible for health benefits of probiotic cultures and of oral delivery of biotherapeutics via probiotic lactic acid bacteria

Tyre Lanier
Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences

Research on sodium reduction in injected meats and enhanced omega 3 levels in surimi seafoods

Jack Odle
Animal Science

Research on human neonatal nutrition using pigs as a model and on enhancing human neonatal intestinal growth, development and repair following injury

Kenneth Pecota
Horticultural Science

Sweetpotato breeding and genetics, including new varieties with high antioxidant and free-radical scavenging activity and cultivars with higher dry matter and multiple disease resistance to address vitamin A deficiencies in East Africa

Niki Robertson
Plant Biology

Development of transgenic rice plants with increased levels of bio-available calcium

Marcela Rojas-Pierce
Assistant Professor
Plant Biology

Understanding mechanisms of membrane protein trafficking in the plant vacuole, which has implications for human nutrition, and changes in the localization of vacuolar proteins during environmental stresses

Bryon Sosinski
Associate Professor
Horticultural Science

Research into the genetics and genomics of important horticultural traits, including developing higher dry matter and multiple disease resistance to address vitamin A deficiencies in children and women in East Africa

David Tarpy
Associate Professor and Extension Apiculturist

Improvement of the health and productivity of honeybee colonies to maintain stable pollinator population needed for production of fresh fruits and vegetables essential to a healthy human diet

Lin Xi
Research Assistant Professor
Animal Science

Research to improve human neonatal nutrition using pigs as a model

Craig Yencho
Horticultural Science

Sweetpotato and potato breeding and genetics, including new sweetpotato cultivars with high antioxidant and free-radical scavenging activity and cultivars with higher dry matter and disease resistance to address vitamin A deficiencies in East Africa

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