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Fighting Salmonella: Grayson Walker

Graduate student Grayson Walker

Grayson Walker

Graduate student, Poultry Science

B.S., Poultry Science, CALS 2015

Grayson Walker got to work trying to eradicate salmonella bacteria in poultry when he was an undergraduate in CALS. Now, he’s continuing that quest in graduate school.

What Walker is working to develop is a “systems approach” to salmonella bacteria control. He’s experimenting with a yeast-derived feed additive that has actions to reduce salmonella bacteria in poultry. Yeast by-products also provide an alternative to the use of antibiotics. Using CALS’ fully integrated on-campus research facility, Walker has been looking at feed effects from the breeder flock to broilers.

This would keep poultry healthy and safe to eat, boost consumer safety and be particularly helpful for large companies that own their own supply chain from feed production through meat processing.

“As a CALS student, it is my duty to contribute to agriculture advancement … while simultaneously taking into account the health of animals, and the health of people who depend on them.”