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Chandler Walker: Biomedical researcher in the making

I’ve always been extremely interested in science, and being able to feel like I had the power to contribute something to the scientific community was something I never really thought I could experience, especially while I’m an undergraduate.

I’m Chandler Walker. I am currently a senior majoring in biochemistry, and I plan to go to Columbia University to pursue my Ph.D. in biomedical studies.

It would be really amazing to teach at a university and also do research on the side.

Last summer I spent 10 weeks at Georgia Institute of Technology working as an independent researcher looking into glaucoma proteins. I ended up getting published. The experience changed my life.

So along with all of my studies, I’ve been pretty involved in a vast array of things. I’m in Alpha Delta Pi; at one point I was vice president. I was also involved with the all-female a cappella group called The Packabelles, and I was eventually music director. I’ve always had a really big passion for music, and I found that when my studies and school get a little stressful, it’s always nice to have an outlet in music.

I personally love N.C. State because of their huge focus not only on science but on getting some form of research under your belt. I’ve learned how to be a research scientist at N.C. State.