CALS Business Center Update for September

Throughout the summer, the Business Center Implementation Team and CALS Business employees have been hard at work, honing their skills and developing new processes for the new Business Center model.

Members of the Process Team, led by Andrew Coats and Greg Lewis, have been up to their elbows in Post-It notes as they work through new strategies for stream-lining business processes. They have made considerable progress on the pre-award process for contracts and grants. Work continues on post-award processes, as well as those for p-card and Marketplace transactions and travel reimbursements and authorizations.

The Organization and Staffing Team spent much of July and August preparing for and conducting one-on-one meetings with all Business Center employees. The team, led by Nikki Price and Rebecca Zuvich, wrapped up 45 meetings in late August and has since shared the findings with the project leadership team. Feedback was provided, as promised, without any identifying information.

In addition to meetings with the staffing team, Business Center employees participated in:

  • Five skills training modules organized by the Business Center Training Team.
  • A visioning session aimed at gaining employees’ insight into new business practices.
  • Interviews for three candidates for the new CALS assistant dean for business.
  • Teams working to develop and implement new processes for the Business Center.

Other Business Center updates:

  • Robert Watling, the new CALS assistant dean for business, will begin work Oct. 13.
  • The business liaison positions have been posted. Business liaisons will be the first contacts for CALS faculty and staff seeking assistance from the Business Center. This is the link to the jobs posting:


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