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Book Recommendation-May

This month’s highlighted leadership book is “Die Empty” by Todd Henry. The book’s title alone is enough to make you curious, but after you read it, it could have profound impact on how you view your life and work. Henry is a highly sought-after speaker and consultant who focuses on helping organizations and individuals find and grow their creativity. In this book, he begins by challenging the reader to consider if the work and activities they are involved in really matter: Are you living a life of significance by contributing all that you could and should to the world? He suggests that the cemeteries are full of people who never fulfilled their potential and therefore never gave the world all that they should have. New inventions, books, artwork and other great contributions unfortunately are never enjoyed by the world because individuals never took action to make their ideas reality. Each person has unique contributions that they could and should make, and the world suffers when those contributions are not made. We should never wonder “what if?” or “what could have been?”

The author states, “Greatness emerges when you consistently choose to do what’s right, even when it’s uncomfortable.” He also states “most of us live with the idea that we’ll always have tomorrow to do our most important and valuable work – sooner or later our tomorrows will run out.” He provides great tools and strategies to cause the reader to see how they can make adjustments in their daily routines to reach their potential and thereby die empty.

This is a great book to read regardless of your occupation or organizational position. Die Empty was meaningful to me, and I think you, too, will find it helpful.