Air and climate

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Environmental Experts

Robert I. Bruck
Plant Pathology

Teaches courses in environmental technology and global climate change as it impacts food and fiber production

Montse Fuentes
Professor and Department Head
Focuses on modeling air pollution and the impact of pollution on human health, weather and climate

Edgar O. Oviedo
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
Poultry Science

Evaluates and implements ways to reduce gas emissions from broiler facilities, to improve efficiency of energy use in the poultry industry and to optimize mineral use in broiler nutrition to minimize excretion

Wayne Robarge
Soil Science

Conducts research related to determining the impact on air quality of gaseous and particulate emissions from animal, row crop, horticultural and forest agroecosystems

Carole Saravitz
Research Associate Professor and Phytotron Director
Plant Biology

Studies the growth of plants in controlled environmental conditions, including physiological responses of crop plants to nutrition, light and temperature

Sanjay Shah
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Develops and evaluates cost-effective engineering solutions to mitigate  environmental impacts associated with livestock production

Otto “Chip” Simmons
Research Assistant Professor
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Focuses on the measurement and modeling of airborne microbial contaminants from animal operations and investigates disinfection of irrigation water using copper ionization

Lingjuan Wang-Li
Associate Professor
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Conducts research in monitoring, modeling and mitigating air emissions from agricultural operation systems for enhancement of agricultural sustainability


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