Stories From Nov 2018

Nov 29, 2018

From 4-H’er To Newest Poultry Science Hire

The Prestage Department of Poultry Science welcomes Mary Fosnaught to the faculty as the 4-H and Youth Development Extension Associate. Step one: Bring all youth programs under one umbrella.

Nov 28, 2018

Are Starter Homes a Thing of the Past?

Historically, there was a path in home buying that began with the starter home, but are young people still following that path?

Nov 28, 2018

Understanding CRISPR

CALS Professor Rodolphe Barrangou helps chart the future of a powerful technology.

Nov 26, 2018

Drones Help Find, ID And Count Marine Megafauna

New research from the Department of Applied Ecology demonstrates that consumer-grade drones are effective tools for monitoring marine species, a valuable platform for scientists studying sharks, sea turtles and other marine megafauna.

Nov 26, 2018

Become A Citizen Scientist; Help Address Agricultural Challenges

In a recent paper, international researchers agree: citizen scientists can play a key role in solving agricultural and food systems challenges.

Nov 26, 2018

Returning Farmer Benefits from NC Farm School

NC Farm School gives aspiring farmers the chance to not only create successful business plans but also to connect with others in the agricultural community.

Nov 21, 2018

States’ 4-H International Honors NC State Extension’s Daniel Collins

The non-profit organization, which conducts cultural immersion programs with Extension 4-H centers around the world, recently presented NC State Extension's own Daniel Collins with the 2018 Rookie of the Year award.

Nov 21, 2018

Partner Profile: BRI Taps NC State Talent and Technology

Globally recognized BioResource International translates academic research into a growing agricultural biotechnology business – and partnerships with NC State and its College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have played a role.

Nov 21, 2018

Economic Perspective: Underemployed College Grads

Most students attend college to land jobs that require degrees, but what percentage of their first jobs require a degree? Mike Walden looks at a study that sheds some light on the question.

Nov 20, 2018

You Decide: Are Our Taxes Fair and Our Spending Effective?

With two new studies out about taxes and tax spending across the nation, Mike Walden breaks down where North Carolina falls among the rest.