RPT, PT and SRF University Town Hall Save the Date

Wolf sculpture on central campus.

Please save the date! We’ve requested our usual location of 210 Park Shops, but we’ve not yet gotten final confirmation that its booked for us.

RPT Online TownHall
Friday, August 23rd, 2:30pm-4pm
210 Park Shops (tentatively)

In addition to discussing changes to the RPT process and reviewing the updated interface and permissions, we’ll be talking about the new External Evaluators features, some minor changes to SFR since the SFR TownHalls last Spring, and we’ll introduce the new PostTenure process for any interested early adopters.

If there are folks from your departments who are involved with administrating the SFR or PTR processes, but not the RPT process, please encourage them to attend as well (our mailing list will expand to include them once they’ve been setup in the system).