Intro to the CALS Intranet

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On the CALS Intranet faculty and staff members of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences can find a wealth of internal resources, including news, events, information, documents, and files. The administrative units and 12 departments within the college have a dedicated page on the intranet. On your department/unit page, you can post documents, forms, and other important information that is relevant to your department or unit. You can find your department’s or unit’s page on the homepage menu.

Who to Contact to Update Content

CALS Communications work with “Department and Unit Web Liaisons” on communications-related projects such as websites and marketing materials. The liaisons also have access to the intranet’s content management system. They can add and delete content, and publish new pages, as necessary.

View the list of CALS Department and Unit Web Liaisons to find the appropriate contact for your department/unit. You can contact and work with them to update content or publish new pages on the intranet. Let them know if you need a page to be protected by Unity ID, and they will contact CALS Communications.

Note: Liaisons have restricted access and can only manage content; they cannot add users to the system.

What You Can Publish to the Intranet

Although you’ll need to work with a liaison to publish content on your department’s or unit’s page, anyone can publish an announcement, news story, or event to the intranet. You can find college-related announcements and news posts in the News section.

What’s the difference between an announcement and an event?

Announcements don’t always have a date, time, or venue. These types of posts “announce” special occasions and moments, or important information about faculty and staff that users want to distribute college-wide, e.g., retirements, births, in memoriam, promotions, or anything you would normally send through CALS_All. Use the Announcements form to post announcements, news stories, and “CALS_All”-type information.

Events have information such as a date, time, venue. Use the Events form to post events.

Janine Brumfield manages announcement posts and events for the intranet, as well as events for the CALS main website. Contact her ( with questions.

Get Inside CALS

As a member of the CALS faculty and staff, every Tuesday you will receive Inside CALS, the weekly info bulletin for faculty and staff-related news, information, announcements, and events. This goal of this weekly email is to replace the CALS_All emails. If you know someone who is interested in receiving Inside CALS but doesn’t receive it at this time, they can subscribe at anytime.

If you have suggestions for improving the CALS intranet, please let us know by using this feedback form.