Individual to Leadership (i2L) Program Now Open for Registrations

Applications for the Individual to Leadership Program is now open for non-faculty supervisors and managers. Those who wish to register must submit an application by Monday, May 6, at  5 p.m.

This program aims to provide leaders the necessary tools that will enhance their stance as a leader, as well as promote their own growth within the institution. Some of the activities will include:

  • Self-assessments to build self-awareness which will lead participants to a better understanding not only of their individual self but also of others;
  • Training sessions that focus on leadership styles, leadership tools, communication, team building and effective engagement of employees; and
  •  Interactive workshops that require both in-session and between session work to build, hone and strengthen leadership skills so that participants become successful leaders within their respective units, the College and the University.

For more information about the program, or to register click here.