Build a Foundation for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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A DEI professional development requirement is now part of NC State’s annual EHRA and SHRA performance evaluation plans. We have received many inquiries about how to fulfill this requirement.

One new option is the Foundations of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion course, a robust online asynchronous learning experience that provides you with a foundational understanding of DEI. Our campus and community are becoming more diverse each day through the expanding intersection of identities that create increasing cultural diversity and a growing need for inclusiveness. This course provides an opportunity to broaden your understanding of cultural diversity while exploring how diversity, equity and inclusion combine to create a sense of community and belonging on college campuses and in the workplace.

The course prepares you to make decisions and act more equitably in both your professional practice and pedagogy. Throughout the course, you may experience constructive discomfort that helps pave the way for meaningful, long-lasting change. This beneficial professional development opportunity provides foundational knowledge and skills in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion to create a culture of belonging and appreciation. The course is an excellent enhancement to your personal and professional development and meets the diversity engagement requirements for EHRA/SHRA annual review. The course is also open to students.

Course Highlights

In this course, you will:

  • understand how key areas of cultural identity impact and inform our professional roles;
  • identify the four levels where diversity is experienced: individual, group, institutional and structural;
  • understand concepts related to diversity equity and inclusion;
  • understand the benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion in a variety of environments;
  • analyze how key areas of cultural identity influence the way you perceive yourself and how you may be perceived by others
  • apply strategies to engage and improve DEI outcomes in your professional communities.

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More Opportunities

While ultimately, DEI professional development is something that an employee and supervisor will determine together, OIED’s Inclusive Excellence and Strategic Practice unit provides a variety of resources that are “OIED Approved” for DEI professional enrichment. We highlight these resources throughout the year.

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