Zhejiang University International Campus Representative Visit

Professor Yang meets with faculty from the department of Biological and Agriculture Engineering at NC State.

In January 2017, NC State University was visited by the vice president and dean of the International Campus of Zhejiang University, Professor Yibin Yang. Professor Yang met with various NC State faculty members and representatives to discuss new opportunities for collaboration as part of a long-standing strategic partnership with NC State. This partnership has involved research collaboration, joint publications, and student mobility. We look forward to seeing what new collaborations await.

Professor Yang of Zhejiang University in China visiting with a group of professors at NC State.
Professor Yang meets with NC State faculty (from left): Dr. Linguan Wang Li, Dr. Garey Fox, David Dixon, Dr. Yibin Yang, Dr. Jay Cheng, and Dr. Wayne Yuan. Other faculty present included Dr. John Classen, Dr. Michael Burchell, Dr. Sanjay Shah, Dr. Bill Hunt, and others.