Kelsey Advances in Her Research and Takes a Spanish Hike

Written by Kelsey Kolar

Friday’s team meeting went smoothly. I met all the members and researchers on the project and although it was conducted in Spanish, I followed along as best I could. At the meeting, we addressed problems in the lab, which there were none. We also spoke about future plans and potential avenues to follow. I received feedback from my mentor and advisors that they are delighted with my work and have enjoyed having me thus far! This past month has entailed preparatory work – sample processing and DNA extractions. As of Tuesday, June 18th I have finished my last DNA extractions. I moved from steps 1 and 2 of my research plan to step 3 – qPCR protocol. This protocol allows for real-time analysis of bacterial concentrations and presence. I am excited to receive actual data and start analyzing! This will help me build my knowledge, techniques, and understanding for my research goal of how IAP, on the level of some specific antibiotic, impacts certain resistance genes.

Pre-extraction samples
The final and extracted DNA samples








Outside of the lab, I ventured around the region of Asturias with Flor, a lab colleague. We hiked Pico Pienzu and ran into some horses and cows. We briefly saw the beautiful coastal town of Lastres. Then we ended the day with Luces, where we gazed upon oceanside cliffs. Thanks to Flor and her friends, I saw more of Asturias and it’s beautiful sites and native landmarks. I am looking forward to more adventures and advances in my research project!

Pico Pienzu
Lastres (the mountains in the back are what we hiked earlier that day)