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Zohara Scott: Landscape Designing the Future

Zohara Scott

Zohara Scott is no stranger to adventures; The Aussie undergraduate will soon be graduating from the Department of Horticultural Science. While online classes seemed familiar to Zohara, it was connecting with people that is missed. 

Now that she has mastered Landscape Design, Gardens, and Urban Environment studies, she is opening a new chapter. Zohara has found a great internship and sees the opportunities ahead, but it is her friends and family that inspire her next steps.

What has been your favorite memory at NC State and CALS?

I’m terrible at picking favourites, but overall my most enjoyable moments at NC State have involved getting to work with my professors and classmates. Everyone was coming from a different background and mindset and getting to hear the thoughts and views of others was enlightening and enjoyable. 

What has been your greatest achievement or accomplishment during your time at NC State and CALS?

Achieving a GPA of 4.0 has probably been my greatest accomplishment at NC State. I worked very hard in my classes to achieve the results that I did and I am really proud to see the results of my efforts.

What impact do you hope to have in your chosen field?

I would say that my long-term future plans at this point are ambiguous, but a few decades from now I’d like to be able to look back and know that in some way I helped other people and lived my life in a way that made me happy.

What has your final year been like at NC State and CALS? How have you overcome recent challenges, whether it’s transitioning to online classes or the absence of campus life?

My final year has been rather busy. While I left my course load light, the pandemic meant I was bouncing around a few jobs while also participating in Pi Alpha Xi. 

Online classes weren’t that big of a shock to me. I have been taking online classes since I was in high school. I am very familiar with Moodle and can usually manage my time well enough that I can get everything on my agenda done.

While I miss getting to interact with people on campus, it’s nice to be able to see people over Zoom at the very least. Knowing that these changes were put in place to save people’s lives during a pandemic, I honestly haven’t viewed the changes as challenges but just as the right thing to do.  

What are you most grateful for from the university and CALS as you are about to earn your degree?

I am most grateful for the knowledge that I have attained at university. From courses to interacting with other people, I’ve gotten opportunities to gain experience and knowledge that will encourage me to keep moving forward and doing my best, no matter where I end up in life.

What are your career plans post-graduation?

Post-graduation I will be pursuing a design internship at Landvisions Landscaping and am incredibly excited to learn from them. COVID allowing, I am hoping that before the end of the year I will be able to return to Australia to visit my family.