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Mario Ferruzzi

David H. Murdock Distinguished Professor


Plants for Human Health Institute (PHHI), 600 Laureate Way Kannapolis, Room 4202, NC 28081


Area(s) of Expertise

Dr. Mario Ferruzzi’s long-term goal is to identify food science strategies that will contribute to the prevention of chronic disease in humans through application of nutritional and dietary strategies. Working toward this goal, his groups’ research program has focused on addressing the key issue of how the food matrix and food processing impact micronutrient and phytochemical stability, bioavailability and metabolism by both the host and gut microbial communities. Before joining PHHI, Ferruzzi spent 12 years as a faculty member in the Department of Food Science and Department of Nutrition Science at Purdue University.

Research Interests

Specific research efforts include:

  • development of methods for determination of micronutrients and phytochemicals (carotenoids and phenolics) in complex food and biological matrices
  • characterization of food matrix factors that optimize stability and bioaccessibility of micronutrients and phytochemicals
  • exploration of genetic, food matrix and ingestive factors that impact bioavailability and metabolism of phytochemicals from plant foods using preclinical and clinical models


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Ph.D., Food Science and Nutrition , The Ohio State University (2001)
M.S., Food Science and Nutrition , The Ohio State University (1998)
B.S., Chemistry, Duke University (1996)