Food Science Scholars CALS

Extension and Outreach

Centered on Community

FBNS Extension centers on delivering hands-on, experiential training and information for individuals, businesses and government agencies, rooted in the goals of supporting entrepreneurs and industry, improving lives, and engaging with our community. 

Through our programs, we consult with entrepreneurs in the development of new products and processes and support industry with the improvement of products and processes. We offer in-person and online training and certification programs and help companies maintain regulatory compliance. We conduct many outreach activities to teach communities about food and nutrition and address many public health issues facing our society.


Education and Training Programs

Through our many Extension activities and training programs, we provide education and certification opportunities to management and technical personnel, support entrepreneurs, and advise regulatory employees.

We offer programs in Schaub Hall and via distance education.

Product Testing

We can analyze a shelf-stable product, classify it (as acid, acidified, water activity controlled or other) according to federal and state regulations and provide processing recommendations.

Community Outreach

We have a passion for helping others. Learn more about our experiential programs that serve the citizens and communities of North Carolina.