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Campus Health, Room 2301

Flourish is a collaboration between Prevention Services and the Department of Horticulture Science that developed from evidence-based research surrounding the benefits of horticulture therapy. Flourish facilitates student wellness connections by promoting physical and mental wellness, social skills and emotional growth. The program also provides experiential and educational opportunities.

Crop and Soil Sciences Feeds the Pack

Please join Crop and Soil Sciences as together we assist the Feed the Pack pantry in combating the food insecurity experienced by students in the Wolfpack family.

Spend a Day at State!

Participating High school Juniors, Seniors and Transfer students have the opportunity to Spend a Day at State and learn more about the College of Agriculture and Life Science and the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences! The visit includes a CALS information session, class observation in Crop and Soil Sciences, meeting with the Director of…

Agronomy Club

2405 Williams Hall

All students are welcome! For more information, contact

The Thomas Jefferson Scholars Bouquet Fundraiser

Wolf Plaza

The Thomas Jefferson Scholars, a dual degree interdisciplinary program between the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, will host a bouquet fundraiser. We will sell multiple sizes of bouquets for you to buy to give to friends, loved ones or anyone else.

Industry Pitch Session With CALS Faculty

Scott Hall, 106

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences invites NC State staff, faculty and students to attend the inaugural Open Faculty Pitch Session. The pitch session is part of a new initiative to help CALS faculty improve their pitch presentation skills when interacting with industry partners. Five CALS faculty members will participate in the pitch session.…

Crop and Soil Sciences Seminar – Deanna Osmond

2215 Williams Hall Auditorium 101 Derieux Place, Raleigh, United States

Join Deanna Osmond, professor of crop and soil science and extension specialist, for a seminar titled "Working at the Interface of Science and Policy: A Career."