Teaching Assistantships in Plant Pathology

Steps to Arranging a TA Position

  1. Check the list of TA opportunities by course and semester offered to determine course opportunity.
  2. Contract the instructor (with the approval of major advisor) to discuss TA requirements for the course. Agree on credit hours for the TA.
  3.  Once the TA is agreed, send an email to the graduate student coordinator, copying the director of graduate programs in plant pathology, the course instructor, and the major advisor, indicating course, semester, and credit hours to register.
  4. Register for the agreed upon credit hours of PP 685 (for M.S.)/PP 885 (for Ph.D.) for the appropriate semester.
  5. Meet with the course instructor prior to the first class meeting to coordinate duties, responsibilities, and logistics.

Note: For Ph.D. students, two (2) separate teaching assistantships are required, at least one of which must have a lab component. For. M.S. students, one (1) teaching assistantship is required. 

TA Opportunities

Unless otherwise noted, courses are offered each year in the semester indicated.

Course Offered TA Slots Instructor(s)
PP222 Kingdom of the Fungi Fall 1 Cubeta
PP241 The Worm’s Tale Spring 1 Opperman
PP315 Principles of Plant Pathology Spring 2 Shew, D.
PP501 Biology of Plant Pathogens Fall 0 Shew, D., Ritchie, Bird, Sit
PP502 Plant Disease Methods & Diagnosis Fall 2 Kerns, Davis, Sit
PP506 Epidemiology and Plant Disease Control Spring 2 Mila
PP540 Tropical Plant Pathology* Spring 1 Ristaino
PP575 Introduction to Mycology Fall, even 1 Cubeta
PP 707 Plant-Microbe Interactions Spring 2 Dean, Carbone
PP715 Applied Evolutionary Analysis of Population Genetic Data Fall, odd 1 Carbone
PP727 Ecology of Soil Ecosystems Spring, odd 1 Hu
PP755 Plant Disease Resistance: Mechanisms and Application Spring, even 0 Shew, B., Balint-Kurti, Cowger, Marshall
PP790 Field Plant Pathology Summer 1 Shew, B.
By Arrangement
PP590 Agriculture, Ethics, and the Environment As arranged 0 Ristaino
PP790 Epidemiology: Theory and Application As arranged 1 Ojiambo
PP790 Phytonematology As arranged Davis 1
PP790 Fungal Genetic and Physiology As arranged 1 TBA
PP222 Kingdom of the Fungi Spring 1 Cubeta
PP315 Principles of Plant Pathology Fall 1 Shew, D.
PP318 Forest Pathology Fall, Spring 1 Benson

*This course involves a summer field trip to Costa Rica.