Plant Pathology Core Curriculum

View the required courses for a graduate degree in plant pathology.

All Degrees

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours Semester
PP 501 Biology of Plant Pathogens 3 credit hours Fall
PP 502 Plant Disease: Principles, Diagnosis, and Management 2 credit hours Fall
PP 506 Epidemiology and Plant Disease Control 3 credit hours Spring
PP 707 Plant Microbe Interactions 3 credit hours Spring
PHI 816* Introduction to Research Ethics 1 credit hour Fall and Spring

*Or, at least one semester hour of another graduate-level research ethics course.

Students may enroll in the Responsible Conduct of Research online course offered through the Graduate School to fulfill this requirement.

M.S. and Ph.D. Only

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours Semester
PP 601/801 Seminar in Plant Pathology 1 credit hour (M.S. Symposium – Fall; Ph.D. Symposium – Spring)
PP 685/885 Supervised Teaching 1-3 credit hours
PP 695/895 Thesis/Dissertation Research

Advanced Courses in Plant Pathology

Course Number Course Name
PP 530 Agriculture, Ethics and the Environment
PP 540 Tropical Plant Pathology
PP 575 Introduction to Mycology
PP 715 Applied Evolutionary Analysis of Population Genetic Data
PP 727 Ecology of Soil Ecosystems
PP 730 Fungal Genetics and Physiology
PP 755 Plant Disease Resistance: Mechanisms and Applications