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Spring 2022 Plant Pathology Seminars

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Spring 2022 Plant Pathology Seminars

All seminars will be presented via Zoom.  Some seminars will also be held in-person in the Toxicology Auditorium (TOX 2104) located at 850 Main Campus Dr, Raleigh, NC 27606.

Decisions regarding in-person seminars will be announced via email from the department.

1/244:00pmAlexandra WeisbergOregon State UniversityMobilome flexibility confers robustness to good and bad symbionts of plants
2/74:00pmKatie GoldCornellMonitoring the invisible: Crop protection and pre-symptomatic disease detection with proximal and remote sensing
2/144:00pmTatsiana ShymanovichNC State UniversityFrom revealing plant-microbe-insect interactions with Epichloe endophytes to developing rapid dectection methods for tomato pathogens
2/214:00pmJoe RobertsClemson UniversityUnderstanding Turfgrass Microbiomes and Implications for Biological Control of Challenging Pests
2/284:00pmDavid RitchieNC State UniversityPeaches: Living in the Bacterial World of Pseudomonas and Xanthomonas and Their Viruses
3/74:00pmMaddie FlascoCornell UniversityEcology of grapevine red blotch disease
3/214:00pmJennie OfsteinNC State UniversityResearch Ethics and Integrity at NC State - A Practical and Candid Conversation
3/284:00pmBeth FarrellNC Department of Agriculture and Consumer ServicesThe State of Agriculture in North Carolina and Possible Future Trends
4/44:00pmBrian KvitkoUniversity of GeorgiaTolerance to host-defense-associated chemistry is a major factor for onion-bacterial interactions
4/114:00pmKen FrostOregon State UniversityEnhancing potato health through management-based optimization of plant and soil microbiomes
4/184:00pmSheng Yang HeDuke UniversityRosie Perez Memorial Seminar