Spring 2021 Plant Pathology Seminars

Please contact Oliver Baars (obaars@ncsu.edu) with any questions about Plant Pathology seminars.

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1/114:00pmPlant Pathology Seminar CommitteeNCSUSpring Semester kick-off social
1/18-MLK Day--
1/254:00pmScott AdkinsUSDA-ARSWhat a time to be a virologist!
2/14:00pmCristi PalmerUSDA, IR-4 ProgramBlights, Mildews and More! Cross-Institutional Collaborations for Effective Disease Management
2/84:00pmKatrin AyerCornell University Advancing sustainable management of apple scab using SDHI fungicides.
2/154:00pmKevin HockettPennsylvania State UniversityCat and Mouse among the leaves: Leveraging Microbial Competition in the Phyllosphere
2/224:00pmMartijn RepUniversity of AmsterdamAccessory chromosomes in Fusarium oxysporum
3/14:00pmDavid McCallVirginia TechUsing aerial imagery to monitor and manage disease epidemics across turfgrass systems
3/84:00pmTiffany Lowe-PowerUC DavisUsing high-throughput genetics to map the fitness landscape of plant pathogenic Ralstonia
3/159:00amAsaph AharonyWeizmann Institute of Science, IsraelYin And Yang In The Rhizosphere: The Interplay Between Root Exudation and Microbiome Forces in the Tomato Underground World
3/224:00pmElizabeth SattelyStanford UniversityDiscovery and Engineering of Plant Chemistry for Plant and Human Health
3/294:00pmYing-Yu LiaoNCSUNovel compound, effectors and transcriptomics, managing diseases caused by Xanthomonas spp
4/54:00pmMizuho NitaVirginia TechUnderstanding species composition, infection process, and chemical management options of Colletotrichum species, the causal agents of grape ripe rot
4/124:00pmJose-Pablo Dundore-AriasCSU Monterey BayBuilding a Plant Pathology Research Program at a PUI: Sowing Interest, Nurturing Relationships, and Harvesting Success
4/194:00pmPatricia ManosalvaUC RiversideElucidating the molecular basis of Phytophthora - plant interactions: from model plants to crops
4/264:00pmRia VigilColorado State UniversityUnconscious Bias Awareness